Friday, 20 March 2009

Meal planner -March 20th

So how did the last weeks meal planner work out?

  • as usual Monday-Thursdays meals were swapped around depending on how the mood took me.
  • Some tasty portobello mushrooms found there way in to my shopping trolley last week and so on Monday in an effort to use up the left over mascarpone, I improvised and came up with a delicious pasta dish (maybe not as healthy as I normally cook but the mascarpone would have gone to waste otherwise and I hate waste).
  • Salmon hot pot was therefore omitted from last weeks meals and will hopefully be making an appearance this coming week.
  • The pizza topping was another good dish for using up left overs - Portobello mushroom, caramelised red onion and some roasted artichokes (the one in jars of oil) - a nice mix of flavours but not my favorite topping (Parma ham and nectarines at the moment).
  • The left over walnut and watercress pesto never made it to the pasta and feta dish. At the request of my boyfriend we spread it on white fish again - so much for variety!
  • Sunday lunch at my boyfriends parents was roast chicken with some new potatoes roasted with lemon wedges and sprigs of rosemary - I will be trying that out myself some soon day.
  • The Butternut squash, Gorgonzola and Pecan risotto was just as delicious comfort food as the first time - post now with updated, better quality picture.
  • Moroccan spicy egg, meatball and tomato tagine with flat breads on Saturday was a great success and I plan on blogging that recipe this weekend.
So on to this week -

Friday - Homemade walnut and Gorgonzola ravioli - a first for me so cross your fingers for me!
Saturday - Roast Chicken (I have a 2kg free range one sitting in the fridge and there is only the two of us! so will be sandwiches for a few days and sunday's and possibly monday's tea)
Sunday - Leftover chicken - risotto
Monday - Leftover chicken - depending on how much is left or Salmon hot pot
Tuesday - Balsamic courgettes with pasta
Wednesday - Homemade lasagna (frozen the other week)
Thursday - Pasta with slow braised leeks

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